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'A walk with' was born as a gift to a dear friend of mine.

I wanted to spend an afternoon with her exploring some beautiful places around the city and make it memorable. I sent her a birthday invitation the day of her birthday and we met at the selected location the following weekend at 4 o' clock. 

The idea is simple: have a great time phone free, get creative and enjoy the view. The best photo gallery will arrive directly to your email.

The afternoon was amazing and have the camera with us triggered a good while of extra excitement. We walked and shoot and found random props and stopped passengers all the way to the sunset.

When she received the photos she said "It's been the best gift I've ever received" and that made me happy, over happy actually! I decided to share it with you and make it an available experience: it's the perfect present for you, when it's time to celebrate yourself, it's perfect for a friend, I would love it to be for your grandparents!

Can be planned for up to 3 people and customised with different locations around the city.

A digital card is included in the package and ready for you to send!



min 2 hours


Digital invitation for you and your guests.

Before the session call with all participants.

20 digital photos  (fully colour corrected and edited)

1 printed photo



(travel costs included within Lisbon)



150€ (max 3 people) for more check the PARTY PACKAGE at the link.

If hair/makeup is needed please get I touch and I will be happy to arrange it for you.

Please get in touch using the form HERE

with some information and ideas you'd like to discuss for your A walk with,


thank you!

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