Hers is the last independent house spared to gentrification in the Barceloneta area of Barcelona.

Every day I met her she was busy, moving and rearranging stuff around the house.

Every day I met her she was wearing a beautiful pair of little colourful pendant earrings.

CHRIS - From Bristol to Barceloneta

When I first met Chris and Rock, it was 3 am, I arrived after a 8 hours blablacar trip and exhausted.

He had prepared all sort of snacks: from Scotch eggs to "banoffee pie".

Rock didn't like me at first and barked for the next 2 hours.

I stayed with Chris and his friends for one week, until nye2020:

we walked the dog around the barrio 3 times a day (greeting every single dog on the way)

fed the bunny and pigeons on the rooftop twice a day (also taking care of the plants, none of which has been bought but rescued on the streets)

kept company to the rescued fishes and shrimps in the aquariums

visit Lidl to buy "the best wine in town" - Crianza 1.40€ the bottle

big cooking sessions, followed by the greatest dining chats, Chris talks politics and economics affairs quoting movies, plays and songs

We became friends,

The last one is the picture he took of me, on his roof.

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