If you find yourself in this page it's probably because what you like about me is my passion for visual story telling. 


These days, life has become less materialistic and more experiential. As consumers, we search for products and brands that we align ourselves with to help us achieve our goals and desires. We want to connect on an emotional level and be a part of something that lasts.


This emotional connection is my specialty. 

I create photographic content and provide visual direction for small brands and individuals with unique perspectives. 


I live and breath new ideas and projects and I want them to have the best content and help you to develop a compelling and consistent brand that connects with your customer.

Branding is all about how you want to present yourself and the feeling you leave people with.

It is nuanced and subconscious and very often it's the deciding factor to work with someone.

Through your personal branding you express your values and expertise.




This is perfect for you if you are a professional or if you are selling an established product and need fresh content to communicate your brand.




We are going to dig deep into your brand and define together how to create the best visual story across platforms.

Whether a product or serviced based, you actually are the brand!  


This doesn’t mean you have to overshare but sharing some of yourself will help that connection with your ideal community.



Creativity and colour! My love for photography and aesthetic eye comes from my deep belief of beauty in the everyday and how colour and creativity combine to create the right image. I believe that to create meaningful images you need to utilise the light available to best effect, and this is how I capture the mood and atmosphere of what’s happening in the moment. Here are my the key elements:


Capture real, authentic moments


Tell a story and evoke emotions


Subjects enjoy and stay relaxed on the shoot to ensure the photos are as truthful and natural as possible


No photoshop - just some post-editing in Light Room 

(basically the digital equivalent of using film cameras & dark rooms)


I usually need a minimum of 3 weeks to plan and make sure the results will be the best we can achieve. During this time we'll get ready for the session together and plan all the needed step accordingly.

If you need something ASAP I can come to the rescue but at least 1 week from the booking is needed, I don't like to rush into a shooting and I know as an experience that things done that way don't bring to the best results.

So, my advice is to reach out as soon as you understand that you will need new content soon: you're about to launch your website, you're not happy with your visual images anymore, you're running out of good professional quality images for your communication, your new project is almost ready and you have to plan the next steps!


I always find that once you get excited about what you're working on right now and start thinking about how to present is, that is a great time to use that enthusiasm to fuel your photo shoot as the images will really bring everything together and bring your project to life!