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At the end of 2018, I quit my job. One week later I embarked on the Camino de Santiago with a rucksack and my camera at the ready.


I had no expectations, but I knew I needed a change. The camera became my diary and I let the journey do the writing.


The walk from Tomar to Santiago involved a lot of navigation, the way forward was not always obvious. Over the 21 days, I became better at recognizing the path, learning the markings, reading the landscape. 


The journey helped me to see other types of paths. Not those which I could literally walk on, but could take me places nonetheless. It helped me realize I always wanted to become a visual storyteller. This has been a journey all its own, and I could not have known what lay behind each bend and turn. It has been a hard road to walk at times, and hugely rewarding at others. The Pathways were only the beginning. 

PATHWAYS is now available as a collection of 21 limited editions.

Each print is 20x30cm in Fine Art Matt Fibre and signed.

€45 x1 | €75 x2 | €100 x3

via paypal or bank transfer per print 

(postage and packing included within Europe -please notice that transfer costs are not included in the price)


The whole series is also available in 21 postcards 10x15 for 42€

or in a 7 postcards selection for 21€ (please choose between WATER or GREEN as a main theme) 

For purchase outside EU please get in touch in advance to agree on shipping costs.

Available in bigger format upon request.


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