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In 2020 more than 12.6 million hectares of Australian forests were burning.

From the other side of the World, I wanted to give my contribution, but alone I wasn't enough. 

So I launched "Portrait for Australia"

A collective donation and a collection of portraits of friends and friends of friends to create awareness and share to spread the voice.

In a few weeks, together we managed to donate 240€ to the Australian National Indigenous Fire Network which provides leadership,

advocacy and action to protect, conserve, and enhance the cultural and natural values of people and Country,

through cultural fire and land management practices.

Their project is all about education and divulgation of ancient practices to save the green lungs of the world.

But the Australian fires don’t stay in Australia and the environmental issue still needs investments and research.


With this in mind, one year later, I'm motivated to continue the project.


The concept is the same:

a mini photo session by the waterside + a few clay paint portraits



minimum 10€

The next association I would like to contribute with you is ..., based in  ...

I will 

If you want to participate please donate using the button below.

Fill up this form as soon as possible and get in touch to schedule your shooting.

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