At LisbonWhispers we had an idea!

To stay closer to the Whispers and the amazing projects we encounter every day, this Holiday season we want to share with you the LWbox 

Every LWbox is a walk around the city following the steps of the Whispers of our photo-journal. 

LWbox for 35€



- a sustainable product

- a limited edition illustration

- a postcard 

- a Holiday decoration,

- a basic ceramic piece

Each LWbox is tastefully packed with all details curated to make the unwrapping the beginning of the LWjourney.

During the next weeks we’ll be sharing more, just bare in mind, every LWbox is unique!



MAKE SURE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR LWbox 35 or LWbox 75 ASAP directly at the link below.

Boxes will be ready for pick up by the 20th of December at the latest. 

You'll be notified via email when yours is ready.


To arrange delivery please get in touch prior to placing your order.



LWbox for 75€



- two sustainable products
- a limited edition illustration
- a postcard 
- a Holiday decoration
- a luxury ceramic piece
- a bottle of wine
- a fine art print