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Celebrating 5000: A Milestone Journey in Stocksy

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This week marks a milestone occasion for me. As I write this, my Stocksy portfolio has surpassed 5000 assets, a collection that has grown from the day I was accepted on January 15, 2021. It's not just a number; it's a culmination of countless hours, creative sparks, and a journey filled with lessons, challenges, and achievements.

I vividly remember that night. It was a time when I found myself in the depths of depression, navigating the challenges of a full COVID lockdown. The struggle to find a reason to get out of bed was real, and hope felt like a distant memory. It was in the midst of this darkness that the acceptance email arrived, a small glimmer of light that would become a turning point.

The day after, I found myself at the desk, taking the archive of memories I had captured and submitting them to "the queue".

And from that day forward, I haven't stopped. The act of curating and sharing my perspectives through images and videos became not just a creative pursuit but a lifeline, a way to pull myself out of the depths. It became a daily practice, a commitment to turning the ordinary into extraordinary, and a testament to the resilience that creativity can offer even in the most challenging times.

The acceptance into Stocksy marked not only a recognition of my work but a validation of the healing power embedded in the creative process. It transformed my struggles into a narrative, a narrative that continues to evolve with every image, every video, and every milestone reached.

In those moments of reflection and between the feedback from the editors, I rediscovered the power of creativity to uplift and inspire. The process of revisiting those images became a therapeutic journey, a means to navigate through the shadows that loomed large. It was at that desk, on that day, that I made a choice – a choice to channel my energy into something positive, into the art of storytelling through visuals.

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Stock photography had never looked like a possibility to me. The idea of mixing creativity with the constraints often associated with traditional stock imagery never quite resonated with my vision. However, then came Stocksy, a platform that seemed to be the perfect compromise.

A cooperative endeavor, Stocksy stood out with a mission to bring authenticity to the worlds of advertising and visual storytelling. It wasn't just a marketplace; it was a community-driven space that valued the genuine and the real. This shift in approach made all the difference for someone like me who sought a platform where creativity could thrive without compromising on authenticity.

In Stocksy, I found not just a marketplace for my work but a community that shared my passion for genuine storytelling. It was an invitation to contribute to a visual landscape that defied conventional norms and embraced the authenticity often missing from mainstream stock photography.

Stocksy's co-op model felt like an alignment of values, a shared mission to redefine the narrative in advertising and visual content. It became more than a platform; it became a home for my creative expressions, a place where authenticity wasn't just encouraged but celebrated.

I wanted to be more involved, and a few months later, I applied for a position in the creative research team where I stayed for over a year. Exploring the collection, getting to know other artists, and understanding the work behind the scenes more deeply became an invaluable experience. However, the path took an unexpected turn, and I found myself parting ways with my team.

Modern Architecture in Lisbon

That detour turned out to be an incredible lesson, a blessing in disguise. I realized that the closure of one chapter wasn't the end of the world; instead, it was an opportunity to embrace a new perspective. No longer bound by a full-time commitment, I began connecting with Stocksy at my own pace, allowing the platform to follow my rhythm.

It's during this phase that I found my peace and flow. I started sharing more UGC content and film, producing fewer sessions that didn't resonate with my authentic self but were pursued for the sake of breaking in. The shift from a structured commitment to a more fluid engagement allowed me to rediscover the joy in my creative process and connect with Stocksy in a way that felt organic and fulfilling.

I recognized the need for a more organized and systematic approach to managing my growing portfolio. Time, after all, is a precious resource, and maximizing its potential became essential. I began allocating dedicated slots in my calendar exclusively for Stocksy, ensuring that my creative endeavors received the attention they deserved.

To enhance this commitment, I developed a detailed Drive spreadsheet. This spreadsheet became my compass, allowing me to navigate the expansive landscape of my creative journey with clarity.

If, like me, you appreciate having your work under control, consider using the file at the link below as a sample. I usually make sure to update it with all the info after every day working on the collection and when I have a sale, that provides me with tangible data to reflect upon. It transforms my creative journey from an abstract pursuit into a concrete, measurable adventure. This systematic approach ensures that every effort contributes meaningfully to the evolution of my portfolio, allowing me to move forward with more confidence.

HERE THE LINK (feel free to email me if you need instruction on how to update the sheet with the right links)

I also often update it with more details so please reach out if you want to have the latest version :)

Fast forward to today, and to my (I have to admit) HUGE collection, each of those 5043 and growing assets tells a story, captures a moment, and adds a unique piece to the mosaic of my creative expression. It's more than just a number; it's a testament to the persistence, passion, and creativity that fuels this endeavor.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing. There were moments when the challenges felt daunting, and the thought of giving up crossed my mind. However, the determination to see my work organized, visible, and public, living to be used and enjoyed by others, kept me going. The growing sales have added a nice rhythm to this creative adventure. It's more than a passion; it's become an affordable hobby, a tangible investment, and motivation from those who appreciate and find value in my work.

Observing this portfolio, a curated anthology of memories, slowly coming together in one place is immensely satisfying and emotional at times. It's a visual representation of the diverse tapestry of experiences, places, and emotions that I've had the privilege to capture and share.

This journey wouldn't have been possible without the support of many. I want to express my infinite gratitude to the editors at Stocksy for providing a platform that values and nurtures creativity, feedback, and endless knowledge. My family and friends have been unwavering pillars of support, providing not only patience, encouragement, and boundless generosity but also serving as my perennial favorite models. Their steadfast belief in my work stands as the strongest driving force behind my creative endeavors.

As I reflect on this Stocksy milestone, I'm filled with a sense of accomplishment, gratitude, and anticipation for the creative journeys that lie ahead. Here's to 5000 and the countless more to come!


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