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Embracing Pride: A Kaleidoscope of Colors, Celebrations, and Street Photography

As the streets of Lisbon come alive with the infectious energy of the Pride celebration, my camera becomes a portal to capture the kaleidoscope of emotions, stories, and vibrant expressions of love, identity, and acceptance, immersing myself in reportage photography, music, and a lot of fun.

This month, as the city dons its rainbow colors and embraces the spirit of LGBTQ+ inclusivity, I find myself eagerly navigating through the winding streets, camera in hand, ready to immortalize the captivating moments unfolding.

The goal? To capture the vibrant colors of the Pride Celebrations with documental and candid street photography for my Stocksy portfolio, which also means anonymous and authentic at all clicks!

How can we bridge stock images with authentic and real street photography without losing the essence of people and the energy of the moment?

That is going to be the real challenge, but here is a little list I put together as a guideline:

  1. Avoid recognizable faces: Ensure that the faces of individuals in the photo are not easily recognizable or identifiable. This can be achieved by capturing subjects from behind, from a distance, or using angles that obscure their faces.

  2. Exclude identifiable landmarks: Avoid including prominent landmarks or recognizable locations that may easily identify the setting of the photo. Focus on capturing more generic or abstract elements of the scene.

  3. Pay attention to clothing and props: Be mindful of clothing or props that may be distinctive or easily associated with a specific person or group. Opt for more generic or nondescript attire and accessories.

  4. Maintain a level of ambiguity: Aim for composition and context that leaves room for interpretation and avoids providing specific details or clues that could lead to identification.

  5. Use creative techniques: Employ creative techniques such as selective focus, motion blur, or abstract elements to further obscure details and make the photo less identifiable.

From glittering rainbows adorning the bustling streets of London to the iconic phone booths transformed into beacons of love, each photograph serves as a testament to the power of unity and celebration.

Join me on a visual journey through the lens, as I share my excitement and immerse myself in the joyous festivities of Pride in Lisbon.

See you around town!



Explore my portfolio at and discover vibrant and authentic imagery that celebrates love, diversity and the spirit of Pride. Elevate your projects with the perfect visuals!


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