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And thank you for your visit.

My name is Tessy. 

I’m a lot of things: Italian, photographer, explorer, interiors designer and plant lover. However, I am first and foremost a visual story teller. 

Since most of our time together we will be talking about you, here a little about myself!

I studied Architecture because I love to observe and understand beautiful things, I worked in fashion because textiles, prints and textures fascinates and inspire me, I combined it with Interiors and Exhibit design because I can't think about people and space as two separate entities, and I've started working as a professional photographer because I love to observe people and connect with them through my lens. 

Photo reportage of a cultural and art event in Lisbon


Whether I am on a faraway journey or a walk around one of my temporary homes, my models are the people in the streets.

I prefer the spontaneous beauty of a friend to the perfect pose of a model and I love to shoot in the crowd to find unique expressions and personalities. Speaking of, if you find yourself in one of my photos published here or on my social media, please get in touch and I will be super happy to send it to you!

Shooting with analog lenses and other vintage equipment passed down from my family is my legacy and the challenge that keeps me motivated.

Visually I'm obsessed with details, geometries, materials, and lights. I embrace the surroundings and capture reality as it is.

Since 2014 you could find me in the corner, hiding and observing, I might stop you all of a sudden, to invite me to your place, that's part of my ongoing project Come Closer (and now in Lisbon @LisbonWhispers).

If this documentarian approach sounds appealing to you, let's get in touch.

I can create a visual story about yourself, your brand, your family, your group of friends...

Coimbra, Portugal. Photo reportage of the traditional flower fair in the streets. Woman wearing traditional clothes carries a basket over her head.
Madrid, girl skating, street photography

No posing required!

Let's find together a location that fits your needs and I will make sure I'll create the perfect photo-reportage for you and your needs.

I like to get to know you before our session and the time together will also bring us closer, hope you're happy with that!

I'm already curious,



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Tel/Wapp: +44 07 519 55 7997

Lisbon, Portugal, and Worldwide


"Tessy is professional, and a true creative. She has a great eye, and I found it really easy to work with her. She understood what I wanted, chose a great location and took amazing shots, which she edited and sent me within days. I love the work she does and will be using her services again. Thanks Tessy for my amazing photos! 💛"

Mel Dow

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